How Embroidery Technique Is Different From Printing Method


Custom designing of clothing, accessories, and various other product is high in trend. Printing and embroidery are two widely used methods for customization. When it comes to choosing between embroidery and printing, most people get confused.


Usually, the printing technique is preferred for promotional or advertising purposes. It is so because printing is a low-cost technique that can easily handle complicated designing as compared to embroidery. The printing technique is good for large size designs and it can also handle vibrant colors easily. 

The printing technique offers various benefits; therefore, it is widely used for designing promotional items. The printing is perfect for creating graphics or designs on a t-shirt. When the appropriate printing technique is used, then the output result will be appealing and effective. 

The printing technique is also good on low GSM t-shirts where embroidery work fails. People prefer to buy printed garments because they are budget-friendly and visually appealing as well. You can easily convert the hand drawing and complicated pattern into print over the substrate.


The embroidery technique is good for creating a logo on the clothes like jumpers, polo shirts, etc. The embroidery work on clothes is durable and attractive as well. But, the cost of embroidery is higher as compared to the printing method. 

But, durable designs worth a high price. If you want to make larger designs, then we would recommend you to choose the printing method because embroidery is not suitable for creating large-size designs. 

If you want to get good results from the embroidery technique, you should not use heavy gradients and also avoid using the complicated color combination. We recommend you hire a reputed professional who can help in delivering good quality results such as custom embroidery Toronto professionals. 

When you want to create a brand logo on clothes or accessories, then you have to choose one out of two techniques: embroidery and printing. If you are confused, you should consider the following points:

Embroidered Vs Sublimation Printed Logo


If you choose the embroidery technique for creating the logo, then you need to convert the sketch work of the logo into digital form so that you can embroider it by the embroidery machine. If the design of your logo is complex, the embroidery process may take more time as compared to creating simple logos. If you are on tight-timeline then you should consider this point.

You have to digitize the logo, then determine the colors, design, and size of the logo so that the output is according to the requirement. Once the embroidery design is approved then it can be used for embroidering on the garment.

If the logo design is comprised of various colors, then it means the embroidery process will incur a high cost. Ultimately, the embroidery process will become more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, then it is an important thing to consider. With the increase in the logo design colors, not just cost increases, but the time of designing also increases.


The custom sublimation printing process uses special sublimation ink. This ink directly moves into the gaseous state from the solid-state when high heat is applied. With the sublimation printing process, the colors will seal inside the fabric. The print formed by the sublimation printing will not wear out or fade away. 

The sublimation printing process is a digital printing method. It means you can easily print any design with any number of colors. By using the sublimation printing technique, you can create any complicated design on various fabric knits. 

The technique of printing logos by using the sublimation technique is quite straightforward. If you are using high-resolution images, then you get a replica of the fabric. Thus, it is very important to create a high resolution of the logo while using the sublimation printing technique to get a good result.

The process of sublimation printing is quite fast and efficient as well. Once you have confirmed your logo design, colors of the logo, and its size, then the final print will be exactly as shown in the image.

Final Words

It is clear from the above-mentioned points that embroidery is a time-consuming process as compared to printing. On the other hand, it is quite easy to produce fully sublimated clothes and accessories. Moreover, the sublimation printing process does not take much time. 

If you are on tight deadlines, you should go for the sublimation printing process. You can easily and quickly print logos on various garments. 

But some companies choose the embroidery technique over the printing because the embroidery results are more visually appealing as compared to sublimation printed. Thus, if you have a good budget and plenty of time, then you should choose the embroidery technique over sublimation printing.  

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